Elegance meets innovation

With vast experience in the international optical market, Qualimed through its internationally registered brand Desio™, combines solid professionalism with a passion for everything that expresses beauty, charm and elegance. Desio™ color contact lenses are made with natural design and amazing shades capable of transforming even the darkest eyes into light sea tones.

Each lens color is available in cosmetic, as well as diopters for myopia and hypermetropia. Desio™ is also proud to be one of very few brands worldwide offering colors in an astigmatic range.

Desio™ lenses are compliant with ISO and International Medical Standards, carry CE mark and are FDA approved.


Coffee Collection

Four warm coffee shades designed for her and for him that evoke scents of distant and exotic lands. Shades: Espresso, Cappuccino, Cherry Coffee, Black Coffee


Two Shades of Grey

Grey becomes the protagonist of enigmatic glances full of character and sensuality. Shades: Lighter, Darker



Shades: Innocent White, Creamy Beige, Forest Green, Mint Touch, Icy Blue, Jungle Fever, Desert Dream, Caramel Brown