Mr. Hassan
Saadat Yazdi

Even after more than sixty years in business in Kuwait, Hassan Saadat Yazdi’s vision for Hassan’s Optician Company is still very much a work of passion.

Coming to Kuwait in 1951 as a newly qualified optician, he was to become instrumental in driving forward improvements in optical healthcare at the time the country was emerging, largely thanks to wise stewardship of its relatively new oil wealth, onto the international stage as a player of some substance. Qualifying in Tehran, the young Hassan could have chosen another nation, another people, on which to devote his career and his life. But, as Hassan adopted Kuwait so, over the years, has Kuwait come to adopt Hassan’s. The roots of his devotion to Kuwait go far deeper than a cleverly strategized business plan. No one in 1951 could have predicted the extent to which the nation would grow. At the time, even looking back with the benefit of hindsight, it was barely even on the brink of its latter-day phenomenal growth. Hassan’s arrival in Kuwait was driven solely by the humanitarian desire to improve the quality of lives by giving easy access to optical healthcare.

Today it is easy to look back on Hassan as the pioneer that he became. Even at the time he was acknowledged by many as being the seed for a remarkable movement towards improvement in general healthcare throughout the era.

Certainly, throughout the early days, professional life was not easy. Although he had learned the skills with which to diagnose and treat his patients, he had very few of the tools required to create solutions. For the first years, improvisation was a very large part of Hassan’s daily workload. Rapidly he built a solid reputation, and the opening of his first optician’s store led to a second, and to others. What was established as with humanitarian aims at its heart, soon began to prove to be a commercial success too. As the commercial side of the business grew and gained importance, the essence of humanitarian and healthcare ethics have never been diminished. He built, maintained, and enhanced working relationships with many of the eye care industries most important global players. These are relationships that have stood the test of time and that remain strong today.


Mr. Kian Hassan
Saadat Yazdi

Like his father, Hassan Saadat Yazdi, Kian Saadat is also a fully qualified optician. Yet being the second generation at Hassan’s Optician Co. his role has, necessarily, proved quite different to that of his father’s.

Kian joined an already successful company in 1993. It is often the case that the second generation has a more difficult task than the first. Certainly following in the professional footsteps of Hassan Saadat Yazdi would, on first sight, appear daunting.

Yet it is a mark of both men that the business has thrived harmoniously at their hands. Kian has assumed a similar role as pioneer. Whilst his father established and grew a solid core business, Kian has been largely responsible for taking the company into new areas of business. Each one related to the core, yet each providing new growth and new definition for Hassan’s Optician Co.

It has been for Kian to guide Hassan’s Optician Co. through the waters of the early years of the 21st century, and into a starkly different commercial environment to the one his father encountered sixty years ago.

Today he has a brand of some considerable value, yet balances the maximization of their commercial advantage with remaining true to the single most important strand that has run through the core of the family and the company for fully six decades – the will to improve the quality of the lives of this nation’s people and now too, indeed, neighboring nation’s as well