Acuvue Oasys With Transition

Acuvue Oasys With Transition

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ACUVUE OASYS with Transitions is soft (hydrophilic) contact lenses available as spherical lenses.

The lenses are made of a silicone hydrogel material (Senofi lcon A) containing an internal wetting agent, and UV absorbing monomers.

A combination of the benzotriazole UV absorbing monomer and the naphthopyran monomer (photochromic additive) is used to block UV radiation.

The transmittance characteristics for these lenses are less than 1% in the UVB range of 280 nm to 315 nm and less than 10% in the UVA range of 316 nm to 380 nm for the entire power range.

Additionally, the photochromic additive absorbs visible light in the range from 380 nm to 780 nm to a minimum of 84% transmittance in the inactivated (closed) state.

The activated (open) state dynamically absorbs visible light dependent on the lens thickness and the level of UV and high energy visible (HEV) radiation to a minimum of 23% transmittance.

Packaging each box contains 6 lenses
Contact Lenses Brand Johnson and Johnson
Diameter Options 14.0
Base curve Options 8.4
Acuvue Oasys With Transition